Jellyka CuttyCupcakes

22 Jun 2010

Here's my new font, Jellyka CuttyCupcakes!

Have a nice day,
Jellyka Nerevan


Jellyka Bees Antique Handwriting

31 May 2010 Hello guys, I'm here with a new font, Bees Antique Handwriting !

It might be my favourite so far, I hope you'll like it as much as I do !
Have a nice day,
Jellyka Nerevan


le Grand Saut

08 Apr 2010
Here's a quite old font I never published: le Grand Saut.

It's the very first try that later led to the creation of Saint-Andrew's Queen. I wasn't satisfied with le Grand Saut, so I totally remade it back then, to end being St-Andrew, that you might already know.
Since I preferred St-Andrew to le Grand Saut, I decided to publish only my favourite, and totally forgot about the other one, for more than a year !

But since it wouldn't hurt anyone to release it, after all it's not that bad, and it was all complete, I
decided this week to give it its chance !

I'm being pointed out the fact that line-spacing is often quite huge in my fonts (that comment is particularly true with Estrya's Handwriting). The reason for that is I love big capitals. However, big capitals means all the other letters look shrieked, and that is why there is that much blank between the lines.

I tried to solve a part of that problem with le Grand Saut.
I released two files:
-One with my habitual huge capitals
-Another one, the "textual" one, that's having smaller caps.

The "textual" version is meant to be used in longer texts, it'll have less space between lines and will be more easily readable, while the regular one is good to use for titles, logos, or small amounts of text.

Have a nice day,
Jellyka Nerevan


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