New design for CuttyFruty !

12 Jan 2010

Hello guys !

If it's not the first time you check out my website, you probably noticed the big change in the webdesign.

I worked on this for a looong time now, so it makes me really glad to be able to officially publish it now. It was about time for me to update my website anyway, CuttyFruty has changed a lot in the last 3 years, but the design was not reflecting the changes.

What are those changes I'm talking about? Mainly, one. Before, CuttyFruty was my "here's all my stuff" place. But with time, the main interest of this website became the fonts. But fonts didn't have all the place they deserved, now they do!

So... I hope you like it as much as I do, because it should stay here for a long time !

Jellyka Nerevan


Gare de Chambord

21 Dec 2009 Here I am, with a brand new font, Gare de Chambord !

Gare de chambord font

I quite like it, I hope you will too !


Another new font, Waterways Seafarers

05 Jul 2009 Here we go !
Waterways Seafarers font

Do you like it guys ? I hope so, I feel tired just looking at it !

Have nice day !


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