New font served with love and passion...

26 Jun 2009

It's been a while now since last time I uploaded something...

But here it is, my new font (made for you with lots of love and a lot of time) : Love and Passion.
Love and Passion font

I'm looking forward for you to use it !
Jellyka Nerevan


Saint-Andrew's Queen

03 Jan 2009 Hello !

Let's start this new year with a brand new font, Saint-Andrew's Queen !
Saint-Andrew's Queen
(Click to see it)

Yay ! I really like how it turned out, and I hope you too ! Let's say it's a late Christmas gift

Have a nice day !
Jellyka Nerevan


New avatars !

16 Nov 2008 Hello !

I'm not used to write a new post in here each time I put something new on the site... But this time, it's special.

I just finished 13 new avatars, representing little cute creatures I created /img>. There are Butterflies, Deeres and Fishes, with different designs so that it can fit with much people as possible.

But if you have new ideas, new themes, new colors, or even new animals you think that would be fun or cute, or that would suit you better, just comment that news and if I feel like doing more in the future, I surely will consider your ideas ! /img>

Those pictures were saved in png-24 format, so if you're using a web browser such as Internet Explorer 6... It will be ugly. Really ugly. Time really has come for you to evolute, please.

So here they are ! (just click on those to see their real size)

Deere Woody Deere Icy Deere UV rays Deere Speedy Deere

ButterFly Goth Butterfly Furry Butterfly Fluffy Butterfly
GoldFish Water Fish Poison Fish Princess Fish

Have a nice day !
Jellyka Nerevan


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