Adobe Illustrator: corrupt file error with E&E font

03 Nov 2008

Hello !

My last font, Evan & Estrya, was causing trouble with Illustrator, and then probably with other softwares.

The error ( Offending Operator ">" ) is caused by the fact that the character > is used in the font name for esthetically reasons (that character is a teddy bear in the font). So if you're having that problem, from now on the version on is not having that character in the name, so it should work perfectly if you download it again.

If you don't have illustrator, or if you never had that error, you don't have to do that, since there isn't any other update in the font.

Have a nice day !
Jellyka Nerevan


Another font, Evan & Estrya

13 Sep 2008 Hello there !

I just finished another font... The font with the highest level of details I've ever made. I took me so much time and I put a lot of efforts in that one, so, there it is !

It really looks better when used large.
There are many tiny details, I really like is, so I hope you'll like it too !

I'll take a break now, maybe until Xmas... My whole free time of this week was spent on this font, so now, I have to do all the homeworks I didn't do. So I'll wait till next vacations before making another one...
Have a nice day !
Jellyka Nerevan


New font ! Nathaniel

28 Aug 2008 Hi there !

I'm here today to show you (another ?) new font ! It's name is Nathaniel. (Write Naaniel ).

It's a «cursive» font, meaning that the letters joins together, like real handwriting.
It looks a lot like my other cursive font, CutyFruty. But the goal I tried to attempt with Nathaniel was a more easy to read font. CuttyFruty is hard to live with when using it for a long text, but I really think Nathaniel is better on that point...

So... Just enjoy it guys !
Jellyka Nerevan

Jellyka Nerevan

( After all that My hot chocolate is not hot anymore... )


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