Another font ! Estrya's Handwriting

27 Jul 2008

Hello !

I just finished another font, in some kind of handwritten style:
Estrya's Handwriting

You all know the rules now, so have fun !

What ? You don't know them ? It's Free for personal use only, so if you want to sell anything with it on, just make a donation ! (or if you just want to help me pay my next year's school voyage....... )

Have a nice day !
Jellyka Nerevan


A new font ! Jellyka, Endless Voyage

20 Jul 2008 Hello !

Another font finished !
Jellyka, Endless Voyage

Just like the other, free for a personal use, commercial uses allowed if you make a donation !



Important changes of the Terms of Use

10 Jul 2008 Hi there !

All the fonts I've ever made were free for personal use only. But throughout the years, people kept asking me to use them on t-shirts, album covers, postal card and many other things they were going to sell.

Before today, I always replied «no», to these request. I set exaggerate prices to have some rest on my mailbox.

But now, I decided, for a commercial use, that one would only have to make a donation through paypal !

You just have to click on the button on the top of this page (the one in the flashy blue square) and you will be on paypal's site, where you will be able to make the donation, through their super-secure system. You must be aware that, to do this, you don't need a paypal account. So, if you don't know what paypal is, you can click the button and use your credit card or your bank account.

For the paypal accounts owners who would like to send the money themselves, my account is . But the donate link works very well

Let's precise two last things before I leave... First, it's one donation per font you wanna use. Secondly, if you were aware of the precedent prices, don't think I'm some bitch who sold her fonts to some poor people that if they would have waited some weeks more they wouldn't have to pay that high; I just never sold anything under the last policy

So... That's all for today ! If you're having any doubt or question, feel free to mail me, as usual, at

Your webmistress,
Jellyka Nerevan


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